Ontopsychology originates and was formally established in 1971 with the publication of the book "Man’s Ontopsychology" by Professor Antonio Meneghetti. His theories essentially developed from the experience of the crisis of the sciences (Husserl) and, especially, from the intuition that existence has a foundation.

In ten years of clinical activity (1971-1981) in the field of psychotherapy and psychosomatics, Meneghetti has demonstrated the accuracy of the formulated principles, inferred from the fundamental laws of the functioning of nature, through the resolution of the symptom throughout all the cases handled.

The aim is to develop a new pedagogy, a new aesthetic education and, especially, offer authentic training to operators and social leaders. In this context, ontopsychological psychotherapy is only one of the fields of application (that of the clinical aspect) of the broadest ontopsychological science, aimed essentially at authenticating a creative integral humanism and training of leading personalities operating in an active manner for the development of the civil and social fabric. These assumptions form the basis for other applications that have developed on the arts, politics and economy.

Ontopsychology enables the understanding of the entire structure of the unconscious and of the dynamics and determinisms that each individual develops in relation to those around him. It may be considered as epistemic psychology: this is a method for developing and authenticating human creativity in historical action. The operational accuracy of this science forms the basis of its inter-disciplinary nature.

The Association promotes the knowledge of the three exclusive discoveries of the ontopsychological school so as to make them available to operators actively engaged in the social sphere and who, through the results obtained from their application, wish to qualify their contribution to the culture of full humanism.

The three discoveries are:
  • Ontic In-itself: the basic guiding principle affording utilitarian and functional logic to human beings;
  • deflection monitor: dystonia in the logical processes;
  • semantic field: basic information acting on the internal and external dynamics of the context.


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