• I.O.A. Oral Statement U.N.
    I.O.A. Oral Statement U.N.
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    Round Table on Civilizations in Progress
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    BRIC Conference
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    About Ontopsychology


The International Ontopsychology Association (I.O.A.) is a cultural, autonomous, apolitical, non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO).

The Association promotes training and research in accordance with the theoretical assumptions of Ontopsychology as the knowledge of basic rationality encompassing all disciplines of functional phenomenology for human beings. 

The aim of the Association is to implement initiatives for developing a cultural and psychological disposition to understanding and activating this knowledge, which in the various areas of human work in which it is applied, has proven to be a problem-solving instrument. 

From medicine to physics, from philosophy to economy, the Association’s activities promote training founded on values of full humanism. 

The aim of IOA’s activities is to deliver a new model of pedagogy and to offer authentic training to operators and social leaders who work for the development of the civil and social structure.

This is why the main IOA’s commitment is to set up training centers leveraging an eco-biological approach, to promote the sustainability of economic and environmental development.

This model of pedagogy has proven to be successful and effective worldwide for over 30 years across each culture. This is possible because such model is based on universal and perennial values of the human being as well as on the specific values of the local populations. 

IOA’s activities are constantly realized within the framework of the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) achievement, with a special reference to education (2nd MDG), environmental sustainability (7th MDG) and global partnership for development (8th MDG). From this triad, you can reach the remaining five goals.


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13-07-15 in News

XXVIII Summer University of Ontopsychology "Image and Dream" 12th - 16th August 2015 - Italy, Lizori, Borgo San Benedetto Campello sul Clitunno (PG). Read

15-08-14 in News

Appena conclusasi la XXVII edizione della Summer University of Ontopsychology, Lizori 8-11 agosto 2014. Read

24-07-14 in News

Il 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology si è svolto nel 'Palais des congrès' di Parigi ed ha ricevuto l'Alto Patronato del Presidente della Repubblica di Francia e i Patrocini di: Ministero della Salute, Ministero dell'Istruzione superiore e della ricerca, Sindaco di Parigi, Comitato Francese dell'Unione Scientifica Internazionale e dell'Accademia Francese delle Scienze. "From Crisis to Sustainable Well-Being", questo il tema e la sfida che 4500 studiosi da più di 100 Paesi del mondo hanno affrontato e discusso nella cinque giorni di lavoro intenso. L'Associazione Internazionale di Ontopsicologia insieme alla FOIL e all'Associazione Europea di Ontopsicologia ha evidenziato i passaggi di soluzione al problema attraverso due Simposi e 8 lavori individuali illustrando i paradigmi scientifici della scienza ontopsicologica e relative applicazioni realizzate dall'Acc. Prof. Antonio Meneghetti in diverse parti del mondo, in particolare in Brasile, Cina, Europa, Federazione Russa, Italia.. Read